Workforce Development Solutions

Workforce Development Solutions

Workshop: Communicate With Impact - Effective Business Communication Skills

Workshop Focus: Realize the Importance and impediments of business communication and learn the essential skills to communicate effectively in various mediums

Competencies Addressed: Communication Skills, Self-development, Customer Focus,

Workshop Elements

  • Identify the elements of effective communication (Verbal & Non verbal)
  • Describe and apply the qualities of effective communicator
  • Construct strategies to communicate effectively across mediums to various stakeholders

Workshop: Write Right - Writing Effective Emails

Workshop Focus: Learn to communicate adeptly with different audiences and motivate your readers to act towards your desired direction

Competencies Addressed: Written communication, Customer Focus, Attention to detail

Workshop Elements

  • Use tools to organize your thoughts and generate content
  • Structure content logically
  • Learn to customize one's writing style according to the audience
  • Enhance ability to write clear and concise e-mails

Workshop: Presenting with Impact - Making Successful Business Presentations

Workshop Focus: Demystify presentation skills and learn step-by-step approach of how to prepare and deliver compelling presentations for enhanced results

Competencies Addressed: Communication skills, Executive presence, Structured thinking, Audience management, Customer focus

Workshop Elements

  • Science of persuasive communication
  • Develop customized presentations to your audience and better handle difficult audience
  • Structure impactful presentations using effective communication tools
  • Present your ideas with conviction, control and poise

Workshop: Speak Right Feel Good – Communicate Assertively

Workshop Focus: Find out what assertiveness actually is and learn practical techniques/ strategies that work effectively in a business environment

Competencies Addressed: Communication skills, Interpersonal Skills, Conflict Management, Crucial Conversation, Influencing skills, Negotiation skills, Listening skills

Workshop Elements

  • Identify and understand assertive, passive, aggressive behaviors
  • Recognize your style of communication and learn ways to adapt
  • Increase your comfort level with the use of assertive communication during crucial conversations
  • Apply tactics to effectively influence situations in an assertive manner

Workshop: Virtual Connect - Working Effectively with Virtual Teams

Workshop Focus: Recognize the complexity of virtual teams and acquire practical tools and techniques for communicating and collaborating in virtual teams

Competencies Addressed: Team Collaboration, Cultural Sensitivity, Virtual communication, Dealing with Ambiguity

Workshop Elements

  • Leverage on your cultural intelligence when working with global teams in a virtual environment
  • Strategize a process to strengthen communication in virtual environment
  • Apply best practices for building and maintaining trust and collaboration in virtual teams

Workshop: Negotiate for Success – The Art & Science of Negotiation

Workshop Focus: Understand the appropriate sequences to follow and the relevant skills to increase your success in various types of negotiations at workplace

Competencies Addressed: Negotiation Skills, Influencing skills, Interpersonal Skills, Result Orientation

Workshop Elements

  • Understand the characteristics of an effective negotiator
  • Explore one’s attitudes & aptitudes towards negotiation
  • Examine the process of negotiation and the variables which influence the outcomes
  • Appreciate the importance of adopting a collaborative style in negotiation

Workshop: Own up and Speak up – Ownership & Accountability

Workshop Focus: Achieve key organizational results by taking ownership and greater personal accountability at the workplace

Competencies Addressed: Accountability, Communication, Ownership, Result Orientation, Interpersonal Skills, Customer Focus

Workshop Elements

  • Reflect the need to take ownership in your role
  • Analyze your current role and identify areas to own up
  • Discuss the 4 steps to accountability
  • Understand the essentials of influencing without formal power to accomplish desired results

Workshop: Debug & Decide - The Art of Problem Solving & Decision Making

Workshop Focus: Apply problem solving to help decision making by identifying appropriate solutions

Competencies Addressed: Analytical/ Creative/ Systemic thinking, Decision Making, Problem solving

Workshop Elements

  • Create awareness of your problem solving & decision making style
  • Apply systematic problem solving and creative thinking approaches to solve business problems
  • Discover appropriate tools for making effective decisions

Workshop: Execution Excellence – Aligning Tasks to Organizational Goals

Workshop Focus: Help individuals execute key goals with excellence and sustained motivation

Competencies Addressed: Execution, Goal Setting, Planning and Prioritization, Action orientation, Drive for results

Workshop Elements

  • Recognize the roadblocks to execution gap
  • Apply the “4 disciplines of execution” to accomplish business excellence
  • Discover a framework to align tasks and efforts to achieve desired business goals
  • Evolve a process to continuously measure & assess progress

Workshop: Interpersonal Alchemy - Building Productive Work Relationships

Workshop Focus: Discover and value the interpersonal differences between people and take specific actions to improve your relationships with others

Competencies Addressed: : Interpersonal Skills, Conflict Management, Relationship Management, Managing Diversity

Workshop Elements

  • Build better rapport and gain the trust of your colleagues & stakeholders
  • Develop flexibility in actions, thoughts and feelings to better handle interpersonal differences
  • Identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in your work relationships
  • Discover framework to strengthen and sustain business critical relatjonships

Workshop: Winning Teams – Team Building (Indoors & Outdoors)

Workshop Focus: Address the inevitable challenges that arise while working in teams and evolve a shared vision to becoming a high performing team in your organization

Competencies Addressed: Team Building, Collaboration, Communication, Decision Making

Workshop Elements

  • Understand that collaboration is the key to success for individual and organization growth
  • Identify the characteristics of high-performing team
  • Explore communication channels to disrupt workplace silos
  • Learn to adapt to team dynamics and build an ecosystem of co-creation