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Great organizations harness people potential to reach their strategic goals. At Siksha, we build people competencies and capabilities which enable them to innovate, strategize, and solve problems to transform business.

Our Core Values

• Brings creative approaches to decision making
• Puts seemingly unrelated facts together to form new ideas
• Thinks laterally
• Connects between diverse ideas & concepts

• Builds bridges with other teams to maximize cooperation & consistency
• Listens actively to the opinions & suggestions of others
• Avoids being dismissive and critical of individuals in public
• Gains trust & confidence in others to respond to challenges

• Helps others without prompting
• Looks actively for increased responsibilities
• Takes independent action wherever necessary
• Asks for help from others when a goal is unlikely to be met alone

• Shows interest in all the organization’s initiatives
• Desires to walk the extra mile and performs above expectations
• Explores and keep abreast of latest industry trends
• Finds different ways to explain what efforts are needed to achieve objectives

Our Vision

Our conscience & what we hold dear
To be a respected corporation empowering individuals and organizations globally to transform and enhance their competitive strengths through people and processes.

Our Logo


Siksha resonates with Shiksha in Sanskrit language meaning 'instruction, learning, study of skill'.

The pattern in 'A' implies mutual Growth and Progress with the clients that we partner.

The motif signifies the seamless transition to transformation – This is how Siksha helps individuals and organizations to continuously learn, adapt and transform to stay competitive.


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