Envision 2020 : Future Strategy Roadmap

The Client

A global billion dollar life science giant who is playing an integral part in the life science community by harnessing their passion and innovation to help researchers and drug producers around the world (in bio-research and bio-production).

The Opportunity

With operations in India spanning over 4 decades, our client in 2002 wanted to define their strategic roadmap aligned to internal restructuring of business lines.

The key focus was to define a strategic roadmap & vision for 2020 and create a strategy direction factoring in both internal & external business environments. Also, this had to be percolatedacross levels in the organization and create definitive platform for impeccable execution.

Team Siksha had to work on developing the talent’s readiness to ensure alignment both at strategic & tacticallevels and create foot soldiers to convert ideas into business results. We had to device tangible learning to application programs and thereby, justify business impact via creation of leaders, change agents and performers in the organization

The Approach & Solution

Siksha conceptualized a structured approach to the creation of a strategic roadmap 2020 by interviewing external & internal partners to evolve a perceived value of the organization. Both the business challenges and business wants were validated using evaluation of alternatives to arrival at the As-is situation.

Top management together worked on the KALPAN strategy map, the roadmap 2020 evolved at customer, financial, process and L&D Platforms. Validations of these were done with sample partners and the headquarters based in US.

Siksha used the Celemi Business Simulation to create a holistic understanding of the business and alignment within the team. This was followed by intense human lab sessions to create a breakthrough at emotional platforms to bring in a sense of ownership and accountability; break functional silos and create an organization fit for the future.

Siksha then percolated the strategy across 400+ members using both the platform of Simulation and human labs to create an ecosystem of co-creation and performance. Development of competency modeling aligned to roles and vision 2020 was conducted subsequently. We also created talent readiness to maximize the opportunity at organization, business and performance needs by rolling out learning interventions aligned to their IDPs. 

The Achievement

The Vision 2020 and strategy map were judgedas futuristic roadmaps by the headquarters in United States. A culture of co-creation and performance which led to a 35% Y-o-Y growthin spite of the global recession was achieved.

  • A competency framework for the organization which was used for
    • Selection of talent
    • Development of talent
    • Identification of Hi-Pots
    • Succession planning
    • Talent retention

Integrated process and solution was recognized as a case study for organization success at ISTD