Targeted Development Learning Program

Targeted Development Learning Program

The Client

A global leader with 18 years of industry presence in cloud infrastructure and business mobility with over 20000 employees spread across the globe and headquartered in Paulo Alto, California. They have accelerated their client’s digital transformation journey by enabling enterprises to master a software-defined approach to business and IT.

The Opportunity

The organization’s focus was to retain and develop their high potential talent for accelerated growth. There was a need of providing a platform to these high potential talent for enhancing their professional, behavioral and interpersonal skills through a structured curriculum and enable them to come out of their myopic view of the business.

The Approach & Solution

Siksha conceptualized an integrated solution called the “Targeted Development Learning Program” in line with the business need using our exclusive ADCI blended learning model.

This intervention was a phased approach starting with an online psychometric Assessment followed by a self-discovery lab, then Development through Business Simulation and Skill Labs and finally, providing individual Coaching to participants along with their reporting Managers to help Implementation of their TDLP learning through live action projects at work place that would achieve tangible business impact.

The blended learning series aimed at developing aligned organization leadership competencies of business and financial acumen, corporate presence, inter-personal and influencing skills.

Each individual had an opportunity to highlight and present their voyage from “Awareness to Application” to a panel representing their Senior Leaders of the client organization.

The Achievement

The integrated ADCI approach developed by Siksha is now an integral part of the high potential talent development program run by this client organization every year since 2014.

Most of the TDLP members moved-up the value chain in a short span of time within the same organization. The functional units witnessed a substantial tangible business impact from the implemented learning projects and thus, acknowledged a commendable ROI from this intervention.

Finally, we saw an advent of transformed professionals who were clearly aligned to the big picture of the organization.