Competency Modeling

Competency Modeling

Developing Success Profiles as your Organization Differentiator

Siksha’s Approach

Human capital has the potential to differentiate an organization from its competition. It may well be the single most important differentiator.

Research shows that strategic and integrated talent management practices are linked to increased shareholder value. Depending on the organization, the talent management function can span multiple areas :

Recruitment, Learning & Development, Workforce & Leadership Development, Strategic Planning, Workforce Planning, Rewards and Recognition

Any coordinated or strategic effort across talent management efforts requires a lingua franca – a common language. For strategic HR, the lingua franca is competencies. Defining and using competency-based models for talent management practices assures a high Return on Investment (ROI).

Competencies are the skills, behaviors, and attitudes that leads to high performance.With all the “elements” identified, how does a strategic HR professional choose which of the leadership competencies are most critical?

At Siksha, we define competency model as an overarching representation of multiple success profiles. We define success profiles as the unique combination of competencies that describe the skill set of the ideal person for a specific level or key job. Individuals who most closely match a success profile will be considered the ‘Best Fit’, ‘The Star Performers’, ‘The Exemplars’. Those who are mis-matched will struggle to meet expectations and will require substantial development

Whether success profiles truly make a difference and yield business results depends primarily on two things:

  • The accurate identification of what’s most important for success
  • The appropriate follow-up to communicate the expectations and provide support in meeting the requirements for success

At Siksha, we provide our perspectives on best practices related to competency modeling – the process of developing and implementing success profiles. Our approach elements are defined as below:

  • Use a research-based competency library as the foundation - do not reinvent the wheel
  • Align success profiles to the organization's mission, vision, values and business strategy
  • Identify the target areas for success profiles