Developing Success Profiles

Developing Success Profiles

At Siksha, we provide our perspectives on best practices related to competency modeling – the process of developing and implementing success profiles. Our approach elements are defined as below:

Use a research-based competency library as the foundation –do not reinvent the wheel.

Since most competency libraries have tremendous overlap, we consider these selection criteria we look for the right competency library:

  • Accessible, practical, and simple
  • Normative and validity studies
  • Global relevance
  • Consulting support or self-sufficiency
  • Integrated tools and resources
  • Intellectual property license
  • Languages available

Align success profiles to the organization’s mission, vision, values, and business strategy.

Involving executives who have contributed to setting the organization’s vision and business objectives promotes a direct link between what needs to be accomplished in the future and the Leadership skills that will get you there.

Identify the target areas for success profiles.

Depending on the context, you may want to focus on creating organization level, position level, functional area, or role-specific success profiles.

  • Role-specific success profiles based on job analyses are often used to create job descriptions, guide behavioral-based interviews, generate development plans, aid in selection for assignments and promotions, and, generally inform workforce planning activities
  • Functional area success profiles highlight the leadership skills that are most critical for different areas of the business. For example, while Creativity might be mission critical for Marketing, it is less likely to be mission critical for Finance
  • Position level-specific success profiles are often used to enhance development, career planning, and succession planning
  • Core organization competency profiles reflect the set of critical competencies required throughout the firm to shape the organizational capabilities and culture required to achieve the strategic intent