The learning and development space is changing. There are new expectations about the way people want to learn. In order to make learning scalable, sustainable, practical and flexible, a blended learning approach is preferred by many organizations today.

Due to the structure of many growing organizations, there is often limited face-face contact between employees and therefore a strong emphasis is laid on online learning. However, it is essential that the key elements of any multi-touch L&D program be tailored to match the specific needs of the end user. This tailored, blended approach combines technology with more traditional learning methods to accelerate and embed the desired behavioral changes whilst making sure that the content and quality of delivery remains consistent.

E-learning that contains audio, video, animation and educative games have been enhanced by multimedia. Audiences today, are more attentive to multimedia messages than traditional presentations done with slides or overhead transparencies.

Multimedia can be a valuable source of instructional variation because it helps to capture the attention and imagination of learners to bring content to life. It facilitates full interaction with the audience, which creates greater comprehension and higher-level retention.

As an ongoing effort, Siksha integrates synchronous and asynchronous e-learning solutions to meet the desired learning outcomes for individuals and organizations.

Siksha has the in-house capability to develop customized blended learning solutions for organizations across industries. The team has successfully delivered several 3D animation videos and e-learning solutions for many clients in the Automotive, IT, Telecom, BFSI, sectors. The learning solutions were focused both at strategic and tactical platforms aligned to Individual, Business and Organizational objectives.

Siksha’s media core team includes SME from FTII Pune, with over 23 years of experience, Animation expert with over 15 years of experience, Audio engineer graduated from SAE Australia and virtual learning specialist.

Some of our specialized stand-alone offerings are:

  •  2D, 3D and Flash Animation
  •  Marcom films and short videos
  •  Training films
  •  Technical training and information films
  •  Interactive media
  •  e-learning modules (product, process, behavioral skills, or combo)
  •  Training module video conversion
  •  Fiction films

The media team at Siksha can produce from script to screen with the infrastructure for high-end production. The team strength include the ability to interpret/understand technology-related content and translate into effective media.