Harrison Assessment

Harrison Assessment

Paradox and competency/ trait evaluator

Purpose: To scientifically identify the levels at which each trait and competency exist in an individual and map it to the role that individual performs.

Paradox and competency/trait evaluator

About Harrison Assessment:

The paradox technology provides managers with a clear understanding of their own behaviors that will enable them to reduce turnover and become more effective team members and leaders. It even includes a mapping of their stress behaviors and how those impact other team members and employees. By mapping managers' as well as the entire teams behaviors against the key paradoxical principles of leadership, managers can immediately start with practical actions for coaching performance, retaining talent and building effective working relationships.

Type of Reports:

  • Traits Report
  • Paradox Graph and Paradox Narrative Reports

Methodology: Can be taken online and takes 20 minutes.


  • Identifies work  traits and competencies
  • Gives candid profile on individuals style of functioning
  • Each individual will be given unique report that will help them craft their functioning in various situations