Coaching Solutions

Coaching Solutions


Why Coaching is Critical to Business Success?

Today, businesses face a myriad of challenges both externally and internally. Overcoming these challenges can be the difference between success and failure.

Fierce competition has employers battling to retain their very best talent while less experienced generations X and Y desire to accelerate their progression up the corporate ladder, demanding faster and more attention than past generations of employees.

The overall result leaves numerous organizations struggling to achieve their business imperatives with little or no astute leadership, significant demands on all employees including more complex work and longer hours, and fewer resources to overcome these challenges.

A Coaching Culture

A coaching culture expands coaching to a broader scope, impacting the entire organizational structure and energizing all employees from top to bottom and laterally.

A company that is intentional about integrating a coaching culture as a comprehensive and enterprise-wide approach has the potential to move its entire workforce toward peak performance.

In a work context, coaching is about improving human capacity to deliver superior organizational results.

Linking coaching outcomes to business results is imperative to build and sustain a coaching culture to propel an organization to success.

Coaching solutions at Siksha are delivered by our coaches to help individuals stay on track and produce results. We also provide guidebook based on time tested concepts and exercises that continue to enhance the learning process aligned to key objectives of the coaching intervention.

As professional athletes work with a personal coach to refine and improve their game, many executive leaders work with an executive coach to give them, their teams, and their companies a competitive edge in their game, by focusing on both the Intangibles (Traits) and the Tangibles (harnessing their potential and building capabilities) of leadership.

Outcomes from a coaching experience with Siksha Executive Coaching include:

  • Insight into self via an assessment tool
  • Awareness of their exhibited traits and behaviors
  • Understand their potential to maximize opportunities
  • Initiate the process of benchmarking
Establish Client's Agenda
  • Explore issues, opportunities and options to achieve desired results
Strategic Planning
  • Create a plan to focus on intended results
  • Formulate clear goals

Duration of Executive Coaching

3 to 12 months

The Project Coach can be a valuable asset to an organization to help impart practical and hands-on knowledge about how to manage a project. As part of project coaching S/he shares their specialized knowledge and experience to the Project Managers and their respective teams through start to end of their entire projects. The learning that the Project Managers acquire from the Project Coach enables them to manage future projects on their own.

Outcomes from a Project coaching experience with Siksha will follow the 7 step process:

  • Develop the Project Team & Define their Roles and Responsibilities
  • Develop the Scope Statement
  • Develop the Project Plan
  • Conduct a Risk Assessment
  • Develop a Project Change Management Process

Duration of Project Coaching

3 to 6 months