Lead People

Workshop: Performance Dialogue

Workshop Focus: Improve quality of performance dialogues to increase employee motivation

Competencies Addressed: Communication Skills, Feedback Management, Conflict Management, Adaptability, Motivating Others, Managing through Systems

Workshop Elements

  • Increase the effectiveness & the efficiency of the periodical staff performance review
  • Establish a shared understanding of “what” is to be achieved (the targets) and the “how” (the behaviors)
  • Ensure that people are doing the right things in the most effective ways, to the best of their ability

Workshop: Managing Interpersonal Relationship

Workshop Focus: Build a positive ambience through effective imterpersonal relationship and enhance productivity at workplace

Competencies Addressed: Communication Skills, Managing Diversity, Adaptability, Influencing Skills, Relationship Management, Interpersonal Skills

Workshop Elements

  • Determine your communication style and identify barriers to communicate across audience
  • Develop strategies for interacting with different communication styles and overcome those barriers
  • Identify and use conflict resolution styles appropriate for different situations
  • Develop strategies for building and maintaining relationships

Workshop: The Art of Coaching

Workshop Focus: Equip and enable leaders to apply ‘coaching’ as a practical tool to help team success

Competencies Addressed: Team Development, Caring about direct reportees, Approachability, Action-oriented

Workshop Elements

  • Engage in coaching conversations which will help team members overcome self-limiting beliefs
  • Create strong employee relationships through effecetive coaching
  • Use developmental coaching to help employees achieve professional and organizational goals

Workshop: Managing Virtual Teams

Workshop Focus: Harness potential and channelize skills to build and promote virtual teams

Competencies Addressed: Team Management, Communication, Relationship Management, Delegation, Approachability, Directing Others

Workshop Elements

  • Leverage on your cultural intelligence when working with global teams in a virtual environment
  • Strengthen communication in virtual environment - instill routine and reward information exchange
  • Utilize best practices for building and maintaining trust and connection in virtual and remote teams

Workshop: The Art & Science of Delegation & Empowerment

Workshop Focus: Identify the principles and elements to create a better productive workplace

Competencies Addressed: Delegation, Mentoring, Communication, Feedback Management , Result-orientation

Workshop Elements

  • Learn the difference between Empowerment and Delegation
  • Enable the development of key skills using various tools/techniques to delegate effectively in a range of situations
  • Build confidence and skills to achieve mutually acceptable outcomes

Workshop: Breakdown or Breakthrough - Managing Conflict & Crucial Conversations

Workshop Focus: Build a positive ecosystem that nurtures constructive dialogues and healthy relationships

Competencies Addressed: Conflict Management, Communication Skills, Interpersonal Savvy, Stakeholder Management, Emotional Intelligence, Dealing with Ambiguity

Workshop Elements

  • Recognize the characteristics of real conflict
  • Identify the sources / drivers of conflict and distinguish own habitual responses to conflict
  • Categorize unproductive responses to conflict and describe positive steps to resolve conflict

Workshop: Winning Teams

Workshop Focus: Unlock your team’s potential for business success

Competencies Addressed: Team Management, Communication Skills, Relationship Management, Collaboration, Trust, Understanding Others

Workshop Elements

  • Build trust and establish credibility with your teams
  • Define team's purpose and the"job to be done"
  • Create a strategic link between the work of the team and the goals of the organization
  • Align the four essential systems of execution, talent, core work processes, and customer feedback