Lead Self

Workshop: Result Orientation - Execution Excellence

Workshop Focus: Orient teams to operational efficiency and resource management

Competencies Addressed: Organizational Agility, Action Oriented, Drive for Result, Process Management

Workshop Elements

  • Orient teams to improve operational efficiency that will define tangible business results
  • Align & adapt to organizational change
  • Create measures to evaluate and drive team performance

Workshop: Influencing Without Authority

Workshop Focus: Influencing Skills

Competencies Addressed: Communication Skills, Interpersonal savvy, Relationship Management, Adaptability, Command Skills

Workshop Elements

  • Recognize the importance of Influencing Skills in achieving outcomes
  • Distinguish various styles & skills of Influencing
  • Learn to influence peers and stakeholders through assertive communication and there by nurturing trust/ lasting relationships

Workshop: Problem Solving - Creative and Critical Thinking

Workshop Focus: Develop a ‘Solution Mindset’

Competencies Addressed: Influencing Skills, Problem Solving, Lateral Thinking

Workshop Elements

  • Discuss & Demonstrate multiple creative thinking techniques
  • Apply processes to assess work issues and problems
  • Transform your creativity into practical business solutions

Workshop: Planning and Prioritization

Workshop Focus: Improve and enhance self and business performance

Competencies Addressed: Time management, Perseverance, Process Management, Managing through Systems

Workshop Elements

  • Apply tools and techniques to assist in planning and prioritizing your work and thereby, enhance productivity
  • Able to plan your own, and your team's work
  • Create confidence and control over your immediate work environment

Workshop: Accountability & Ownership

Workshop Focus: Build & encourage a culture of ownership at workplace

Competencies Addressed: Accountability, Communication Skills, Interpersonal Savvy, Results Oriented, Delegation

Workshop Elements

  • Reflect on the ‘need to be Accountable’
  • Analyze your current role and identify areas to ‘Own Up & Speak Up’
  • Discuss & demonstrate the 4 steps to accountability
  • Propose an action-plan to build a culture of ownership at workplace

Workshop: Innovation at Work

Workshop Focus: Creating an innovation mindset by establishing strategy/processes

Competencies Addressed: Adaptability, Result Orientation, Innovation Management, Analytical Skills, Critical Thinking, Dealing with Paradox

Workshop Elements

  • Recognize roadblocks to innovation, generally and within your organization
  • Design a culture of innovation initiative
  • Create ideas for new products, strategies, etc
  • Respond to change or disruption,collaboratively

Workshop: Executive Presence - Building your Brand

Workshop Focus: Establish leadership credibility to secure business goals

Competencies Addressed: Business Acumen, Presentation Skills, Approachability, Personal learning

Workshop Elements

  • Display greater expertise and confidence in executive settings
  • Communicate with poise and confidence across various stakeholders
  • Build a powerfully positive professional image for self & organization

Workshop: The Art of Decision Making

Workshop Focus: Create a balance of both intuitive and logical approach to decision making

Competencies Addressed: Decision Making, Relationship Management, Critical Thinking, Analytical Skills, Interpersonal Savvy, Decision quality

Workshop Elements

  • Enhance your toolkit for solving problems and making sound decisions.
  • Align decisions with strategy and gain commitment to decisions across groups
  • Make important decisions that are not likely to generate unexpected or undesirable outcomes