Sales Development


Everyone is in sales; It’s the only way we stay in businessHarvey Mackay


 Today's highly effective salespeople view their role as valuable, and seek confidence towards becoming and being seen as a “Trusted Advisor”. They understand that how they establish, build and maintain business relationships is the key to their success.

Sales learning solutions help organizations remain sustainable and competitive in the long run. It also motivates their sales force and helps them to remain up-to-date with respect to the company’s products, market, competition, skills and technology.

Siksha’s established sales solutions are therefore aimed to develop high performance salespeople by helping them discover and revitalize their commitment to selling.

Customized to ensure alignment with your business direction and targets, our Sales Development Solutions helps accelerate sales production by enhancing the skills and capability of your sales team.

Please Note: Workshops/ duration can be further customized to your Organization's requirements to help meet your desired sales deliverables.

Sales Solutions
Front Line SalesSales ManagerBusiness Heads/ Sales Heads
Think Like Your CustomersSales Negotiation SkillsStrategic Key Account Management
Consultative Selling - A Collaborative Approach to SellingSales Force ManagementStrategic Selling
 Channel Management 
 Customers For Life 
 Sales Coach Training