Sales Development Solutions

Sales Development Solutions

Workshop: Think Like Your Customers

Workshop Focus: Understand the buying process and how ‘Customers Buy’ is essential to sales success

Competencies Addressed: Tenacity, Communication Skills, Commercial Acumen, Relationship Management, Information Seeking, Interpersonal Savvy

Workshop Elements

  • Identify each of the buyer personas and develop strategies/ processes to sell to each of the personas
  • Move prospects along each stage of the buying/ decision process
  • Win new customers based on the way they prefer to buy

Workshop: Consultative Selling - A Collaborative Approach to Selling

Workshop Focus: Evolve and apply the critical skills and attitudes necessary to become a “Trusted Advisor” to your customer

Competencies Addressed: Consultative Selling, Relationship Management, Conflict Management, Decision Making, Interpersonal Savvy, Seeing the Big Picture, Value Positioning/ Selling, Influence & Impact

Workshop Elements

  • Embed an attitude to understand the customer’s point of view
  • Learn how to consistently communicate value throughout the whole selling interaction by understanding the true costs of doing business
  • Develop the esstential skills to perform an in-depth analysis of customer organizations and the driving forces influencing their needs, their customers, and their competition

Workshop: Sales Negotiation Skills

Workshop Focus: Understand and adapt the 4 important elements of negotiation – Strategy, process, tools & tactics

Competencies Addressed: Handling Objections, Value Positioning, Interpersonal Skills, Conflict Management, Influencing & Negotiation

Workshop Elements

  • Sell the value of your solutions and reduce price pushback
  • Lead masterful sales negotiations that lead to win-win solutions for you and your customers
  • Avoid critical mistakes in the negotiation process that kill credibility and the sale
  • Win against lower-priced competitors

Workshop: Sales Force Management

Workshop Focus: Provide an approach pf accountable self-management practices to develop high performaning sales team

Competencies Addressed: Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Result Orientation, Developing Others

Workshop Elements

  • Excel in the four roles that make for a great sales manager
  • Become a more effective sales manager, communicator, and decision maker
  • Help salespeople build goals and action plans and hold them accountable
  • Motivate sales teams to perform at the top of their game day-in and day-out

Workshop: Channel Management

Workshop Focus: Develop channel professionals and partners to effectively execute a pivot to a recurring revenue center

Competencies Addressed: Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Result Orientation, Relationship Management

Workshop Elements

  • Identify the range of professional skills required to achieve success as a professional Channel Manager
  • Identify issues that interfere with successful execution of professional channel management responsibilities
  • Deliver architecture for creating and delivering powerful value propositions to the partners and the end users
  • Present a comprehensive set of best practices for identifying, recruiting and hiring new partners

Workshop: Customers For Life

Workshop Focus: Discover how to develop a strong, consistent and successful corporate strategy that is focused on customer acquisition and retention

Competencies Addressed: Result Orientation, Communication Skills, Brand Builder, Relationship Manatement, Trust & Integrity, Perseverance

Workshop Elements

  • Identify sales reps' best practices and increase the productivity of your sales teams
  • Optimize resources and reduce sales cycles to dramatically increase revenue
  • Align your marketing and sales activities
  • Determine the ROI of your CRM or marketing campaigns and boost results

Workshop: Sales Coach Training

Workshop Focus: Coach sales people and professionals to get the most out of each sales opportunity and achieve their greatest potential

Competencies Addressed: Coaching, Interpersonal Skills, Result Orientation, Relationship Management

Workshop Elements

  • Identify selling mistakes and weaknesses that hinder sales success
  • Develop tactical plans to help sales people win opportunities
  • Lead the most productive coaching conversations and hold sales people accountable
  • Motivate salespeople to perform at the top of their game day in and day out

Workshop: Strategic Key Account Management

Workshop Focus: Learn a proven process for strategic account planning to systematically review and grow your key accounts.

Competencies Addressed: Forecasting Accuracy, Business Acumen, Relationship Management, Strategic Alignment, Risk Management, Business insight & Align to Change

Workshop Elements

  • Construct a strategic account team poised to maximize success
  • Lead sessions with your team internally, and with accounts, for the purpose of value discovery, connection, and co-creation
  • Identify needs from the customer perspective, strengthening and deepening your ability to create value for your accounts
  • Build strategies for account planning and management, including how to ensure reach, extract, depth , and protect strategic accounts

Workshop: Strategic Selling

Workshop Focus: Improve organizations’ ability to win complex deals with consistent approach and strategy

Competencies Addressed: Business Acumen, Consistent Approach & Strategy, Business Acumen, Strategic Alignment, Consultative Problem Solver, Perseverance, Win-win Negotiation

Workshop Elements

  • Develop lead generation and prospecting skills
  • Build a commercial and sustainable value proposition
  • Create reliable referral sources
  • Demonstrate how to avoid and overcome customer objections in order to gain commitment to the next step