Workforce Development Solutions

Workforce Development Solutions

Workshop: Communicate With Impact - Effective Business Communication Skills

Workshop Focus: Realize the Importance and impediments of business communication and learn the essential skills to communicate effectively in various mediums

Competencies Addressed: Communication Skills, Self-development, Customer Focus,

Workshop Elements

  • Identify the elements of effective communication (Verbal & Non verbal)
  • Describe and apply the qualities of effective communicator
  • Construct strategies to communicate effectively across mediums to various stakeholders

Workshop: Write Right - Writing Effective Emails

Workshop Focus: Learn to communicate adeptly with different audiences and motivate your readers to act towards your desired direction

Competencies Addressed: Written communication, Customer Focus, Attention to detail

Workshop Elements

  • Use tools to organize your thoughts and generate content
  • Structure content logically
  • Learn to customize one's writing style according to the audience
  • Enhance ability to write clear and concise e-mails

Workshop: Presenting with Impact - Making Successful Business Presentations

Workshop Focus: Demystify presentation skills and learn step-by-step approach of how to prepare and deliver compelling presentations for enhanced results

Competencies Addressed: Communication skills, Executive presence, Structured thinking, Audience management, Customer focus

Workshop Elements

  • Science of persuasive communication
  • Develop customized presentations to your audience and better handle difficult audience
  • Structure impactful presentations using effective communication tools
  • Present your ideas with conviction, control and poise

Workshop: Speak Right Feel Good – Communicate Assertively

Workshop Focus: Find out what assertiveness actually is and learn practical techniques/ strategies that work effectively in a business environment

Competencies Addressed: Communication skills, Interpersonal Skills, Conflict Management, Crucial Conversation, Influencing skills, Negotiation skills, Listening skills

Workshop Elements

  • Identify and understand assertive, passive, aggressive behaviors
  • Recognize your style of communication and learn ways to adapt
  • Increase your comfort level with the use of assertive communication during crucial conversations
  • Apply tactics to effectively influence situations in an assertive manner

Workshop: Virtual Connect - Working Effectively with Virtual Teams

Workshop Focus: Recognize the complexity of virtual teams and acquire practical tools and techniques for communicating and collaborating in virtual teams

Competencies Addressed: Team Collaboration, Cultural Sensitivity, Virtual communication, Dealing with Ambiguity

Workshop Elements

  • Leverage on your cultural intelligence when working with global teams in a virtual environment
  • Strategize a process to strengthen communication in virtual environment
  • Apply best practices for building and maintaining trust and collaboration in virtual teams

Workshop: Negotiate for Success – The Art & Science of Negotiation

Workshop Focus: Understand the appropriate sequences to follow and the relevant skills to increase your success in various types of negotiations at workplace

Competencies Addressed: Negotiation Skills, Influencing skills, Interpersonal Skills, Result Orientation

Workshop Elements

  • Understand the characteristics of an effective negotiator
  • Explore one’s attitudes & aptitudes towards negotiation
  • Examine the process of negotiation and the variables which influence the outcomes
  • Appreciate the importance of adopting a collaborative style in negotiation

Workshop: Own up and Speak up – Ownership & Accountability

Workshop Focus: Achieve key organizational results by taking ownership and greater personal accountability at the workplace

Competencies Addressed: Accountability, Communication, Ownership, Result Orientation, Interpersonal Skills, Customer Focus

Workshop Elements

  • Reflect the need to take ownership in your role
  • Analyze your current role and identify areas to own up
  • Discuss the 4 steps to accountability
  • Understand the essentials of influencing without formal power to accomplish desired results

Workshop: Debug & Decide - The Art of Problem Solving & Decision Making

Workshop Focus: Apply problem solving to help decision making by identifying appropriate solutions

Competencies Addressed: Analytical/ Creative/ Systemic thinking, Decision Making, Problem solving

Workshop Elements

  • Create awareness of your problem solving & decision making style
  • Apply systematic problem solving and creative thinking approaches to solve business problems
  • Discover appropriate tools for making effective decisions

Workshop: Execution Excellence – Aligning Tasks to Organizational Goals

Workshop Focus: Help individuals execute key goals with excellence and sustained motivation

Competencies Addressed: Execution, Goal Setting, Planning and Prioritization, Action orientation, Drive for results

Workshop Elements

  • Recognize the roadblocks to execution gap
  • Apply the “4 disciplines of execution” to accomplish business excellence
  • Discover a framework to align tasks and efforts to achieve desired business goals
  • Evolve a process to continuously measure & assess progress

Business Brain Training - Managing Information Overload

Workshop Focus:

  • Train on how to deal with the overload of information through faster learning
  • Absorb information more quickly
  • Memorize better and enhancing creativity

Competencies Addressed:

  • Managing Information Overload
  • Planning and Prioritization
  • Result Orientation
  • Personal Effectiveness

Workshop Elements:

It is a well-known fact that we do not utilize the full potential of our brain power all the time. By using practical and straightforward techniques, we can increase this percentage by a factor of 5 to 10. The explosion of information and continuous pressure to increase productivity make it necessary that we acquire techniques to learn faster, and process information in less time and with less stress.

Workshop: Interpersonal Alchemy - Building Productive Work Relationships

Workshop Focus: Discover and value the interpersonal differences between people and take specific actions to improve your relationships with others

Competencies Addressed: : Interpersonal Skills, Conflict Management, Relationship Management, Managing Diversity

Workshop Elements

  • Build better rapport and gain the trust of your colleagues & stakeholders
  • Develop flexibility in actions, thoughts and feelings to better handle interpersonal differences
  • Identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in your work relationships
  • Discover framework to strengthen and sustain business critical relatjonships

Workshop: Winning Teams – Team Building (Indoors & Outdoors)

Workshop Focus: Address the inevitable challenges that arise while working in teams and evolve a shared vision to becoming a high performing team in your organization

Competencies Addressed: Team Building, Collaboration, Communication, Decision Making

Workshop Elements

  • Understand that collaboration is the key to success for individual and organization growth
  • Identify the characteristics of high-performing team
  • Explore communication channels to disrupt workplace silos
  • Learn to adapt to team dynamics and build an ecosystem of co-creation