Business Leadership Development (BLD) Series

Business Leadership Development (BLD) Series

As you move up in an organization, how do you make the leap from expert in your field to expert across all fields.

Siksha’s BLD is designed to transform accomplished functional leaders into outstanding general managers, and prepares you to assume new responsibilities. Throughout the intensive, cross-functional curriculum, lively exchange with the consultants will refine your judgment, enhance your skills, and increase your confidence as a generalist and leader. Results-focused, BLD presents a holistic picture of leadership with an emphasis on practical knowledge.

As a participant, you will:

  • Learn to examine critical areas of evaluation and decision making
  • Focus on positioning the business for growth and profitability
  • Acquire support for business-building resources
  • Forge effective cross-functional teams
  • Lead through periods of growth an turbulence
  • Implement value-creating strategies that deliver results

Who It’s For

  • Executives with recently acquired or expanded general management responsibilities
  • Possess at least 15 to 20 years of work experience
  • Senior Managers who seek a broader perspective or who will soon become head of Business Units (BU), or Zonal/ Regional Business Leaders


  • A structured learning path would be crafted with Siksha’s ADCI (Assessment-Development-Coaching-Integration) blended learning approach


  • 6- 12 Months