Community-based Learning

Community-based Learning

Siksha's community-based learning programs are designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice by taking learners through a high impact, emotionally charged experience

It was in 2012 June, we first came-up with the concept of community-based learning experience for a fortune 500 company as a part of their 6 month long integrated leadership program. During this intervention, we took their senior management team to an NGO. The theme of the program was to make the learner group connect with the stakeholders at the NGO to study their challenges and co-create solutions applying to the corporate world .

Though this program was designed to develop “Team Leadership" as a competency, it opened-up discussions in multiple areas. People were amazed by the way they collaborated to resolve the issues at the NGO. They were able to spot patterns and similarities in the leadership challenge faced by the NGO and their current team. They noticed they had kept aside all cross-functional strife and collaborated to solve the challenges presented to them.

Ever since, Siksha started incorporating community based learning experience as a part of our integrated development offerings. And it still remains one of the highlights for many of our clients

What does it include

  • The learner group is taken to NGO/ Not for profit organization as a team as part of their integrated development plan
  • A structured environment is created to interact with the members of the host organization
  • We facilitate various activities to help the learner group and host organizations to connect at a value level
  • The learner group is given a task to help the host organization improve their operations on a tactical and strategic level based on the competency addressed as a part of the program
  • On their return, a thorough debriefing happens on their learning experience

Key deliverables of community based learning experience

  • Creates an opportunity for the learner group to analyze and assess real time challenges faced by a different organization
  • Builds camaraderie within the team when they collectively identify the challenges and finds solutions for the host organization
  • Drives people to think about problem from a humane angle
  • Pushes people out of their comfort zone to start doing and thinking to add value to a social cause