First Time Managers Development (FTMD) Series

First Time Managers Development (FTMD) Series

Companies are increasingly concerned about the impact their leaders have on the morale, retention, and productivity of their employees, particularly their FTMs who transition from Individual Contributors to People Manager Roles. In many cases these young leaders with functional/ technical expertise have never had a formal opportunity to learn effective leadership skills.

As a Participant, you will :

  • Increase your leadership capabilities and performance, becoming more strategic, self-directed, managing - process, people and self
  • Extend your ability to lead and develop both individual employees and teams more effectively
  • Develop a core set of strategic skills
  • Have Honest Conversations, delivering high-impact feedback to improve team’s performance
  • Become an effective coach; helping teams turn their potential into reality

Who It’s For:

As the name suggest, this series is suited for First-Time Manager who would benefit from a formal leadership development experience.


  • A structured learning path would be crafted with Siksha’s ADCI (Assessment-Development-Coaching-Integration) blended learning approach.


3-6 Months